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Porsche with HID & LED Lights
Volkeswagen with HID lights and an orange wrap #VW

HID and LED lights help you to see where you are going and look great.  Modernise your car today with these ultra bright, entirely road legal lights.  

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High Intensity Discharge lights do exactly that - provide a LOT more brightness allowing you to see better, and allowing other drivers to see you better. HID and LED lights are often as standard in newer vehicles and adding them to your vehicles can give a prestige feel and making your car more modern.

HID and LED lights can be up to 300% brighter, and the light they produce is whiter. You can also get a variety of different types of bulb such as with a blue tint. We can even do Angel Eyes if those are your style.

See more dangers at night, improve the look of your vehicles, reduce the chance of people pulling out on you, and warn animals and pedestrians that you are coming.