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Paint Protection Film
Protect your car with paint protection film
Paint Protection Film from Proper Mods
Proper Mods - Paint Protection Film fully accredited
Fully Accredited Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film keeps your cars paint looking fresh.  Simply warming up the paint protection can bring it back to it's original state.  Don't lose resale value on your vehicle keep the paintwork as if brand new.

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paint protection film

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Protect your car with Paint Protection Film.  This invisible film protects the paint against cracks and scratches that are only too common from every day use of your car.  Whether it's salt on the roads in the winter, bird muck on your car when you park under a tree, or simply rocks and stones bouncing up after other cars run over them, PPF will protect your paint job.  Some vehicle washing products can also damage paint, why take the risk on your car?

If the car does get a scratch then simply heating the panel with hot water can help the PPF to self-heal (even heating by the engine or sun can cause this).  If a big impact causes you to need to replace a panel you can easily get paint protection film on the new panel, and because it is see through, there's no need to colour match.